MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences)

MANRRS is a national society that welcomes membership of people of all racial and ethnic group participation in agricultural and related science careers. MANRRS members are encouraged to be full participants in other professional societies for their basic disciplinary and career interests.

We, the members of this, society pledge to support endeavors that will always foster and promote the agricultural sciences and related fields in a positive manner among ethnic minorities. We also pledge to initiate and participate in activities and programs that will ensure that ethnic minorities will also be involved in and associated with the agricultural sciences and related fields. We pledge to work for the inclusion, achievement, and advancement of all people in the agricultural sciences.

However, MANRRS attempts to provide networks to support professional development of minorities. It is a springboard for their entry into and advancement in careers where they otherwise could be lost in the sheer number and established connections of mainstream participants. For student members, MANRRS provides role models and networking opportunities.

Adrianna Johnson – President

Ryian Woods – Secretary

Emily Berry – Vice President

Ariane Defourneau – Treasurer

Kayla Brown – Social Chair

Damilola Oluwatoba – Graduate Student Representative

Dr. Craig Pickett, Jr. Chapter Advisor

Dr. Sharon Jean-Philippe, Faculty Advisor

Since its establishment, the UTK Chapter of MANRRS has worked with hundreds of students to promote academic development, personal enhancement, leadership skills, and professional success. We are open to ALL STEM MAJORS across the institution. Our hope is to ensure that students, particularly underrepresented STEM students, acquire the necessary resources for both short-term and long-term goals. As such, we complete a myriad of activities and programs throughout the academic year including:

  • Career Development Programs (Guest Speakers from the Career Services Center)
  • Employer Information Sessions (Guest Speakers from some of the Top Ag Employers in the Tennessee)
  • Community Service (Using our skills to enhance communities throughout the entire city)
  • Recreational Activities (Identifying ways to promote engagement, fun, and success!)

Each Fall Semester, the University of Tennessee Chapter of MANRRS participates in the annual Region 3 Cluster (Conference). Each cluster features an career fair, mock interviews, student competitions, alumni mixer, and professional and leadership development for students and professional attendees.  The goal of the cluster meetings is to encourage diversity and inclusion and promote the development of leadership skills that will prepare our members for a thriving future in agricultural, natural resources, and related sciences. We seek to provide strategies and techniques that will prove effective for professional development and advancement in today’s work environment. MANRRS hopes to achieve this goal by collaborating with our corporate, government, and university partners to offer seminars that will provide a guide for their future success.

If you are interested in attending our Spring National Conference, please contact Dr. Craig Pickett, Jr. at

Each Spring Semester, the University of Tennessee Chapter of MANRRS takes a group of students to our National Conference (held in a different city each year). The goal of the national conference is to provide students with opportunities to connect with almost 1,000 collegiate members from across the United States. Over the course of a 3-day conference, students will engage in the following:

  • Networking with underrepresented STEM students from across America
  • Connecting with almost 100 different agricultural/STEM employers and graduate school/veterinary school representatives from across the nation (and having opportunities to participate in first-round interviews for internships and full-time positions)
  • Engage in friendly and spirited competitions with other Chapter across the nation
  • Acquire vital tools regarding leadership development, chapter enhancement, and professional success through highly engaging workshops, seminars, and programs

If you are interested in attending our Spring National Conference, please contact Dr. Craig Pickett, Jr. at

The University of Tennessee Chapter of MANRRS is collaborating with Austin-East High School to develop a future JR. MANRRS Program. Jr. MANRRS provides the following for middle and high school students:

  • Encourages 7th-12th graders to pursue degrees in agriculture and related fields
  • Fosters a positive attitude towards academic excellence and enthusiasm about science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and mathematics (STEAM)
  • Increases the number of underserved and underrepresented students attending and graduating from college
  • Provides mentorship from collegiate students and career professionals
  • Raises cultural awareness among students and professionals
  • Produces opportunities for leadership development and scholarships

If you are interested in assisting with our JR. MANRRS Program, please contact Dr. Craig Pickett, Jr. at