Undergraduate Research

An integral area in deepening a student’s intellectual engagement within their academic experience is undergraduate research. At the Herbert College of Agriculture, undergraduate research can be a transformational experience for students, propelling them toward advanced study in graduate school, and helping them to identify purposeful career paths. The research process fosters and celebrates creativity, discovery, inquiry, cross-disciplinary engagement, and student-faculty connection while building skills of collaboration and communication.

Get Involved in Undergraduate Research 

At the Herbert College of Agriculture, we have made efforts to normalize undergraduate research by creating courses dedicated to the topic in almost every major:

  • ALEC 499
  • ANSC 499
  • AREC 499
  • BSE 499
  • ESS 499
  • FDSC 499
  • FWF 499
  • PLSC 499

If you would like to pursue research for academic course credit, consult with your academic advisor on how to work it into your course schedule

Working directly with faculty (and faculty teams) on their research is a great way to build connections and gain valuable experience. You can collaborate with faculty researchers on the following:

  • Reviewing literature
  • Collecting samples in the field 
  • Conducting surveys
  • Analyzing, collating, and organizing data and data sets
  • Writing research reports
  • Presenting research findings

Funding Undergraduate Research 

The Herbert Experiential Research Opportunities (HERO) Program supports Herbert undergraduate students pursuing experiential research opportunities. Funding is awarded on a semester-by-semester basis. Faculty mentors must submit the HERO application for their undergraduate researcher to receive an hourly stipend and supported travel and/or equipment costs.


  • The student must be enrolled in a Herbert College of Agriculture major and remain in good academic standing.
  • The student must provide a deliverable from their research (e.g. presentation at a conference, manuscript for publication, extension fact sheet, final technical report, honors thesis, etc.).
  • The faculty mentor and lab will provide instruction and training in appropriate research theory and methods, analysis, technical writing, outreach, and presentation skills.
  • One award per faculty mentor per calendar year is permitted.
  • The HERO application must be submitted by the specified deadline.

Decisions will be made shortly after the application deadline, and funds will be disbursed as soon as the student is on payroll.

For questions about the program and the current HERO cycle, please contact Adam Willcox.

Opportunities for Research Recognition 

Explore university-wide research opportunities through the Office of Undergraduate Research & Fellowships.

Research is conducted by our faculty nationally, internationally, statewide, and even within the university through collaborative, interdisciplinary ways. Connecting with faculty is essential to developing, expanding, and enriching your undergraduate research and discovery experience.